Hello John,

i tried yesterday to improve my NPP position,
here are the results...

as you can see, i still have some slightly error when doing a 360*180° (4shots @ -45°, 8 shoots @ 0° and 4 more shots @ 45°); 360_Nadir shot with LRS56 URS100.jpg, however the Saw tooth method was OK (Sawtooth_Nadir shot with LRS56 URS100.jpg)

then i move the URS to 99 and to 96. I see some change but dunno which one is better.
i guess i need to complete a sphere to know.
What do you think?

I"m sorry to bother you, specially when i know i'll remove the Nadir afterward, but just want to be close to the perfection (as we all tend to;))