Hey guys,

i have a question regarding my new hardware: 7D+NN4+Sigma 10-20mm using @10mm.
i set the NN4 as close as the NPP but after tryin a 360 pano i get some shifting on the floor tiles while the nadir image is perfect.
for this one i used 17pictures (N, -30°*8, 45°*8)
i tried to move the Upper rail by one mm forward and backward and get the same shifting.

the day after i tried another setup; 16 pictures (-60°*4, 0°*8, 60°*8) and the result on the floor is perfect however the nadir image is not.

as pictures are way better to explain things, have a look out there:


Password: panophoto

Do you think its a stiching issue with Autopano Pro or some adjustment of the NPP to be done ?

By the way i tried the second pano with a 17th images (the nadir) and the stiching is well on the tiles but rotator is not circular ...

Thanks guys for your help.