Hi! We are planning to order panoheads for two different cameras. We will use them to shoot 360x180 HDR's.

First camera is a Canon EOS 60D + Samyang 8mm Fisheye (+ Canon 17-85mm zoom).
Second camera is a Canon 5DMKII with grip + Sigma Fisheye (+ other wideangle lenses).

We have been recommended the NN4 with RD16 for both camera setups, but the 5DMKII user is still not sure... Is the Nodal Ninja 4 steady/stabil enough for use with both camera setups or will we need the Ultimate-solution for the 5DMKII? We will need one panohead for each camera in any case, my question is only if the NN4 with RD16 will work for both.

Looking forward to hear yours and/or any user recommendations. Thanks!