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  1. NN4, 5D Mark II combo, a few questions

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    Sorry, I'll make it more clear, was in a big hurry when writing this. Multitasking isn't my best quality.

    Anyways, so I have a 5D Mark II, the 17-40 and a battery grip on the camera. It's been stuck on there for two years now, and I use it all the time. But have been thinking of removing it. In any case, without the grip, do I still need an adapter, or will the camera (without grip) work just fine with the Nodal Ninja 4?

    If I do leave the grip on, I assume I'll need an adapter for the camera+grip to use with the NN4?

    Assuming I get the grip off, the recommendations I can find on the site for setting the positions on the NN4 are only for the 5D it says, or do they work with the Mark II as wekk?
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