Today I wont to order my Nodal Ninja system. I'm totally new in panoramic photography but I wont to start with a proper equipment from the beginning. If any one could answer to my questions I will be great full.

My camera is Nikon D700, lens Nikkor 24-70. So far I decided to go with NN4 with RD16 and EZ Leveler II but I'm considering also instead RD16 and EZ Leveler II buying RD3L 6.8.30 EZ Leveler II. I don't know which way to go. Is there a big difference between RD3L 6.8.30 and RD16?

I also would like to know which plate to choose for Nikon D700 and in general do I pick up right components for making spherical panoramas?

Thnx a lot.