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    I don't know if it's good place to ask this question (I don't know if tehre is Fanotec's Pole forum), but how do You mount Your camera to the pole?

    I used to use Nodal Ninja 4 on its' but this set was too heavy (NN4 is 1,5 kg!) so I would liek to mount it to something lighter - usually photos from pole don't suffer for parallax problem, so it can be sth very simple but much lighter.

    Yesterady at night I've experimenting with my old pano head it is like this, but I had to attach it first to tripod head and then to pole thread.

    What do You use for it?
    BTW I don't want to change my SLR for 4/3 camera
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    For sure there is pole section on this forum and you can find it here:

    For use on a pole you first remove the base rotator of the NN4 panohead so the weight of the panohead with DSLR will be no problem at all for any Fanotec pole...


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