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    I am so useless at working things out, and am fairly new to the Nodel Ninja Mkll

    Can someone please give me my settings for a Nikon D200 and Sigma 10-20mm

    Thanks in advance

    Steve (getting addicted to panos)
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    Thank you kindly John much appreciated I now have my settings.
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    LRS 60 is right for D200 / D300 and NN3 MKII. But you have to check the upper rail settings = URS on your own. L1 + L2 in Entrance Pupil database. L1 is 40mm for D200 / D300

    This is what you get: @zoom 10 102mm / NN 98mm
    @Zoom 14 104mm / NN 100mm
    @zoom 20 108mm / NN 104mm

    The wiki database uses the Sigma 10-20/f4-5.6

    Sorry to say, but sometimes our NN database might be wrong. But may be the wiki is wrong. That's why we always recommend to test your own equipment. And that's the reason why you should know to do it on your own. Once you know the way how to do it, it is quite easy. But till then it might be possible you have to go through blood, sweat and tears. To check the settings on your own will save you a lot of time in workflow in stitching etc.

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