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    I'm replacing my D200/10.5mm with the D5100/10.5mm on a NN5/RD16. Having had to find the NPP myself as I could not find any start point I have settled on A-44 B-78. I've created a template in PTGUi Pro but the zenith still needs a lot a manual control points for a seamless stitch.

    Does anyone have this equipment, if so what are your recommended settings?


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    Hello Gary,

    If the base plate of the D5100 is the sameas the D5000 then according to

    the top rail setting should remain the sameas for the D200.

    [Perhaps you can confirm this Heinz as Iknow you will be reading this.]

    However the lower rail setting will change.

    Rather than use numbers you can set up yourcamera/lens empirically.

    Align the gold ring of the Nikon 10.5mmwith the vertical access of rotation of your Nodal Ninja looking from the side.
    Viewing the lens from the front, align the center of the lens with the verticalaxis of rotation of your Nodal Ninja.

    If you set up the camera on a tripod,making sure it is level so the vertical axis of rotation is truly vertical,with the light behind the viewfinder, you will see the center of the lens as abright spot and be able to use a vertical line (e.g. a door jamb or plumb line)to align the lens center with the mark on the NN.
    This should give you the required location.
    You can see the NNP positions of the Nikon 10.5mm @:

    Best regards, Hugh.
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    Hi Gary,

    LRS = Lower Rail setting ( A ) is 47mm, URS = Upper Rail Setting ( B ) is 78mm. This is what I found out.

    LRS is tested with Smooth's method.

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    Thanks both, I wasn't too far out then! Will try the above settings to see if improves what I'm getting now.



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