One of the great features of this forum is that new users can easily ask for information on setting up their Nodal Ninja with their camera and lens.
There is of course a wealth of information that they can be directed to, but (unless I am missing something, which is very possible) there does not seem to be a database for the two critical dimensions for the camera bodies, which could make life a lot easier.
I am referring to the dimension from the lens flange to the 1/4" Whitworth thread and from the base plate to the centre of the lens (principal ray).
If these dimensions were readily available it would be straight forward to calculate the rail settings for a new camera body from a different camera body with the same lens.
For example: A recent post asks about a Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 10-20mm lens.
I have such a lens and a couple of Nikon bodies, but do not have access to a D7000, but if I knew these dimensions calculating the settings for the D7000 and Sigma lens would be simple arithmetic.
I have asked Nikon UK if this data is available, but was told it is not, but they might consider it for the future.
The overall dimensions of cameras are readily available, but not these two.
As the likes of Nikon and Canon are always bringing out new bodies but changing these dimensions it occurs to me that it may be worth keeping a database for these two values.
I remember having a discussion with Heinz quite a long time ago and we agreed that keeping a database of camera/lens combinations was a mammoth task, but one for the recent DSLR bodies would be relatively simple to set up and maintain.
Anyone else any thoughts on the subject?