I need some help with this set-up.

I have a Nodal Ninja 5 and I use Really Right Stuff L-brackets on my camera bodies. December 2010 I purchased an Arca Style Quick Release Clamp and everything worked fine until the brass screw assembly that is part of the clamp tightening lever snapped.

I contacted Nodal Ninja and learned out that this clamp is discontinued and that there are no replacement parts available for the clamp either. I am directed to purchase a QRC-55 along with a CP-2 plate which I have done. No documentation arrives with these components (CP-2 I have found some docs on line, nothing for QRC-55).

1. I have found that I cannot screw in the CP-2 plate to the Nodal Ninja NN5 as the male threads on the threaded knobs that come with the NN5 do not match up with the female threads on the CP-2. I can turn perhaps 1/2 revolution then it jams, and I do not wish to force this further, because that is usually a "bad" thing to do.

So obviously at this point I am still out of luck with my set-up. What needs to be done to get over this hurdle?

2. Assuming that #1 can be addressed, is their any recommended way to set up the CP-2 with the QRC-55?

I have figured that I insert one of the two small silver "screws" into the hole on the underside of the QRC-55 opposite to the large thumb screw (tightens the clamp to the L-bracket), and attach the unit to the CP-2, with the CP-2 flange also opposite the thumb screw. LEaves about a 5 mm gap between the flange and the QRC-55, but I suppose that is just the way it is supposed to be.

Any advice would be appreciated, particularly with item #1 which is the show-stopper.