Hey guys,

Last Saturday I shot a sunrise from Vinings Mountain (6 miles NW of Atlanta, line of sight) toward Buckhead and Atlanta, GA. I was hoping for a low humidity day so I could see all the way to ATL, but as soon as the sun popped the haze got thick and hindered my view of ATL. The Buckhead view was clear, but I was late setting up and missed the building lights, but the sunrise and silhouette is pretty interesting. The pan from Buckhead to the left edge of the image is ~5 miles.

Buckhead pre-sunrise: http://carrollmorganphoto.com/wp-con...gs1.jpg?9d7bd4

Buckhead sunrise: http://carrollmorganphoto.com/wp-con...gs2.jpg?9d7bd4

Buckhead and Atlanta pre-sunrise (sorry, but you need a large monitor for this one!): http://carrollmorganphoto.com/wp-con...mtn.jpg?9d7bd4


Carroll Morgan