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    In 2003 the museum was moved to a new location on Lelystad Airport. The building at Schiphol was demolished and the name was changed to Aviodrome. On the current location, it has three buildings: the main building where most of the aircraft on display are located and where there's a restaurant and a cinema, a replica of the old Schiphol terminal building from 1928 and a hangar for aircraft storage with limited access for visitors. Added to the aviation theme were several artifacts from several Dutch space programs, such as the backup flight-article of ANS (Astronomical Netherlands Satellite), a mockup of IRAS and the high-speed windtunnel model of the Huygens probe. In doing so the aviation museum became an aerospace museum.

    Due bankruptcy, the museum closed on 25 December 2011.

    Last weekend i went to the museum to make Vr's of the aircraft at the outside of the Aviodrome.

    The Fokker 50 prototype:

    -Flash version
    -HTML5 version

    -Flash version
    -HTML5 version

    The Hawker Hunter:

    -Flash version
    -HTML5 version
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