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    Hi... sorry I haven't been chatting.... and sorry for returning back with the same old issue... My remote was working but then it stopped a few weeks ago so went out and bought new battory for it.. It seems to want to work, when I press it, it seems to want to fire and even the timer setting seems to want to work but the shutter will not go off... I think it might be time to send it back.. but I do not have the packaging it came in so perhaps its time to move on to a new brand... I do not think I would be recommending this product to anyone.. its caused me too many issues.. I was wondering if I have missed something.. The connection is in as tight as it will go.. it seems to want to work.. it goes from red to green... but it does not trip the shutter.... perhaps I need to do something else.. I am sure I have it all set ok... It was working until the battery died.... Perhaps I should have sent it back from the beginning...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated...

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