Dear customers,

Some customers have been reporting concerns with the M1 upper rotator knob. If the knob on the upper rotator breaks the knob will rotate freely. This is an apparent flaw in the design of the plastic that seems to apart from the inner metal portion when strong force is applied. We are making new knobs to solve the issue which may take up to 60 days to complete.
In the interim if your knob begins to become loose stop using it immediately. Remove the knob from the rotator by loosening the captive screw at the center of knob. As a temporary fix please request for a new knob (from the same batch) to allow use of M1 before the new batch is ready. Don't apply more tightening force than necessary to upper rotator into place. The positive stops at the upper rotator keep the rotator securely locked. Tighten the knob untill you feel an increase in friction should be enough.
If the knob becomes too loose and you can't remove it this will require a special tool to remove it. Please return to your reseller for servicing.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. When the new knob is ready, we will send them to customers at no cost. We will also include a small enhancement (based on customer feedback) that will make the knob work more smoothly.

Nick Fan