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    ........Only with the R1 package ( http://store.nodalninja.com/products...t-Package.html ) i can attach the hole system in the pole or is it need to buy the acessory above ( http://store.nodalninja.com/products...e-Adapter.html ) ??....
    Hello Liao,

    It is not as complicated as you might think, because you can not mount the head of a R1 directly on top of a pole you need the pole adapter you mentioned or, and that is my advice, use a mini-quickmount instead,

    When you choose the R10 you don't need a pole adapter because this model has a 3/8" socket for mounting on the pole but even then a mini-quickmount is very handy.
    When carrying the pole for a longer distance you have to dismantle the camera from the pole to prevent the risk of damaging the camera or to hurt people.

    You can dismantle the camera by opening the arca style clamp of the R1/R10 or, when applied, by using the mini-quickmount.
    Using the mini-quickmount in the field is a bit easier and faster then using the clamp.

    When using a footplate (also adviced) you can leave it mounted on the rotator and pole when carrying around.

    When you split a R1 or R10 package and when using a mini-quickmount you need an extra 3/8" pole screw to mount the RD-4 rotator to the bottom of the pole (the screw supplied with the pole will be used to mount the small part of the mini-quickmount on the pole).

    Besides all other parts already discussed you also need a bubble level to keep the pole leveled, for Series 1 pole,

    Happy pole shooting greetings,
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