ok.... Here's my first pan...
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  1. ok.... Here's my first pan...


    Here's my first --almost successful--pan...

    Nikon D300, 10.5 fisheye, NN5, Manfrotto 3021 head, PTGui

    As you can see, I have still lots to learn on taking/processing the Nadir shots:
    -Missing data (from the tripod not moved far enough apart between nadir shots???)
    -misaligned tiles (should I be expecting them to be perfect, or are my expectations too high?)
    -shadows from the tripod

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    There is nothing like the feeling when you publish your first pano. Well done.

    -Missing data. The big old black hole might be from not taking a picture of that area. You probably moved over too far.

    -misaligned tiles. Yes, you should expect perfection.

    -shadows. You need to take a picture of the area under the tripod while standing to one side. Angle the camera back to the ground. This will give you a picture of the area under the tripod without the shadow. Follow Joh's tutorial http://www.johnhpanos.com/ptgvpt.htm and your tripod shadow will dissapear. I consider a well patched Nadir a "badge of honor" when creating a panorama.

    There is no reason not to expect a perfect stitch when you use a properly calibrated pano head on a good tripod.

    With this panorama, you could most likely cut-n-paste or use content aware fill in Photoshop in order to remove the tripod shadows as well as covering up the hole. Remember that a panorama is not about documenting the entire scene in one shot, but giving the illusion that the entire scene was captured in one shot.

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    Thanks for your reply. Are you from NorthbayPanos? If so, I just sent you the project files with a list of questions

    Either way...

    - missing data - I used a nadir adapter and just used my eye to judge how much to move the tripod. I am guessing that I didnt move it far enough so they crossed in the masking. I will make up a plumb bob device and use that from now on
    - misaligned tiles - Good to know that my quest for perfection is not for nothing! I will keep working towards perfection
    - shadows. The shadows that gave me problem are not from my body, but from the tripod. Several locations have numerous lights giving me multiple tripod shadows. I took a quick look at John's tutorial. I will read it in detail shortly. His method requires a 10th shot, handheld. This would work outdoors, but the requirements for long exposures indoors would make that impossible. some tripods can be converted to use a horizonal arm. that might be the solution.
    - In some other shots I tried photoshoping out the shadows with mixed results. Might require bettering my PS skills.

    Thanks again for your reply,

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    No, I am not from NorthbayPanos. That would be someone else. I wonder how they are reacting to receiving your project file?

    I also use the Nadir adapter.

    There are so many different ways to deal with tripod and people shadows. One way does not work for all situations.

    Photoshop with it's content aware fill is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I did a shoot where there were multiple tripod shadows on the carpet. I could tell by the type of carpet that content aware fill would handle it very nicely. It did.

    Another technique is to take enough pictures of the ground from different views in order to have a picture of every square inch "shadow free". Combining and masking all the pictures at this point is an art, not science.

    In this pano I used content aware fill to remove my shadow, the tripod shadow and about a dozen people and their gear that was in the panorama. http://www.dlsphoto.net/FallColors20.../Panorama.html The shadows were very long. Cut-n-Paste and masking just did not do the trick. Content Aware fill worked great.

    Here is a tutorial I put together showing how to deal with a tripod shadow and your shadow. Information here might help. http://www.dlsphoto.net/Tutorials/NadirShadow/index.htm It was written long before PTGui had it's viewpoint correction.

    Do not use a horizontal arm. You have all the equipment you need. You just need to discover the various techniques.

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    Thanks again Dennis. I will go over your tutorial in detail. I did a quick search for "Content aware fill" It seems to be a CS5 feature from what I can find and I have CS4. Is that true?
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    You will need CS5. That feature alone was worth it for me. I am still amazed that, when it works, it works GREAT!

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