Recommend a good travel tripod?
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Thread: Recommend a good travel tripod?


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    You are quicker than I am....Re Level before taking Nadir2? Software covers a lot, but to make your life easy doing a bulk of interiors, re level. Yes, often you have to go beyond DPD. With the Feisol I move 32 cm instead of 28cm DPD. Sorry to ask, it's late for me after a busy day, what was your equipment? D300 NN5 10.5?

    We will get you on the road...


    BTW: Thx Dennis we now got the Nadir Adapter. As I already mentioned, Software covers a lot. So you can try to do the shots without re leveling. Dennis is using the "free fall out legs tripod of the Manfrotto 055". Plus he is the Master of Monopod. Thx to you Dennis!
    I will have to reset the size of the pics for a quicker download later on. Plus real the power of this forum is that experts like Dennis are "watching" and step in to add on good advice. I like this forum.
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