Mods made to the M1L to allow for a lens ring mout clamp + Nadir adapter.
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Thread: Mods made to the M1L to allow for a lens ring mout clamp + Nadir adapter.


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    As you can see from my posts on the various forums, I love to think "outside the box".

    Back in 2009 (or there abouts) I suggested to Nick the Nadir adapter, ring mount pano head and a ring mount adapter kit for the NN3. Nick and his distributors were not as enthusiastic as I was about the ideas. Fast forward to 2010/2011. We now have the Nadir adapter and a ring mount pano head (kind of, sort of, about 98% there). Can a ring mount adapter kit for the NN3 be just around the corner?

    There are most likely people out there who get tired of seeing me make stuff. I say "too bad". Making pano gear is a way to combine two of my hobbies: machining and panography. When I put my camera on a pano head I also hold up my micrometer to see how precise I can position the camera. The level of precision I seek is not required. This is, after all, supposed to be fun.

    Do not ever be afraid to "think outside the box" and voice your thoughts. How else will new equipment come to market? Take a look at ( web site omitted due to conflict of interests ) See anything new in the last several years? NOPE.

    I am in a very fortunate position that I can actually make pretty much whatever I want in order to bring a concept to life. You do not want to know how much the first ring mount pano head with a built in Nadir adapter actually cost me to make, both in materials and time. Let’s just say that the retail price of the M1L does not come close. Here is the "proof of concept" for the Nadir adapter: Here is the final product: You have no idea how many steps and variations I went through getting from point A to point B. Most of the stuff I make actually works. Some of it does not.

    Keep the ideas coming. There is a company out there that actually listens.

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