How to mount my NN3 MKII on a new RD16 rotator?
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Thread: How to mount my NN3 MKII on a new RD16 rotator?

  1. How to mount my NN3 MKII on a new RD16 rotator?


    I have just bought a RD16 rotator, but I can't find any documentation about how to mount my NN3 MKII on it. A bunch of screws and washers comes with it, but which ones do I use and in what order?
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    Try the following url, it might have what you need
    No it doesn't.
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    The RD16 install kit for NN3 should include a black plastic anti-twist plate. You install it to the top of RD16, aligning the protruded pin to the sockets on the rotator.
    Remove any detent ring installed on NN3 (if any). Remove brass collar installed on NN3 (if any). This will expose the 3/8" socket on lower rail.
    mount the lower rail to RD16, aligning the 3/8" socket and the center socket on RD16. Use a custom M6 screw supplied to tighten the lower rail (via 3/8" socket) to RD16. Install a cap with Nodal Ninja 3II logo to the custom screw.


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    Thanks, Nick, this is what I needed.

    And thank you for this great rotator, it is a fantastic replacement for the original NN3 MK-1 rotator which served me faithfully for years.

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