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  1. Help please!!!!


    I am brand new at this

    I just received ny NN5 and nikon 10.5 lens two days ago. *I am shooting with a D300. *I am using PTGui trial version as my code has not yet arrived for my purchased version

    Yesterday, I did two interior test pans without the zenith or nadir shots and they stitched perfectly

    I moved my camera to another location that has a tile floor so i can learn how to do the nadir shot and everything went haywire in ptgui

    I found the right camera setting on the NN5 so the camera rotales around the nodal point. *The camera was on a leveled tripod with the proper 60 degree rotation setting to take 6 shots with proper overlap. Nothing that i know of had been changed after my fist two tests

    After loading the images, I used the align images tool. The preview editor comes up and everything is a mess. *I run the optimizer set to heavy*+lens shift and I get a message saying it failed. *Average control point dist is 593, *min is 67, max is 1935. * Looking at the control points manually, they look perfctly alaigned to my inexperienced eye

    I even tried stiching without the zenith and nadir shots withe the same bad results.

    I can't figure out why they won't stitch properly or what changed between my first two sucessful tests and the third.

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