So I unpack and set up my brand new M1L. I am using a Nikon D300 and a Nikon 10.5 lens. I get the rig calibrated and start shooting. When I take a look at the Nadir patch shot, I am disappointed to see the knob on the lower rotator clamp sticking way out into the picture. The knob overlaps the tripod leg in the patch shot rendering the patch shot not useable. It does not matter which way I put the clamp on the rotator. The knob sticks out way too far. I had to fabricate a low profile knob in order to get a useable Nadir patch shot.

I am shooting 6 around + Zenith + Nadir + Nadir patch shot.

For those of you following at home, I am NOT using the lens ring clamp. I am using all the standard stock parts right out of the box. This includes the camera body plate.

Is there something I am missing? Has anyone else been able to use this set up without any modifications?