Nikon 10.5? 10-24? Tokina fisheye zoom?
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Thread: Nikon 10.5? 10-24? Tokina fisheye zoom?

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    Thank you all. I have read your coments a few times and expect to reread them a few more. I just purchased an 10.5, NN5 with RD16 and a nadir adapter. If they all arrive like they should before I leave I will get some education and practice over the holiday break. Hopefully by the time I get back I will have a 360VR done!
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    John, Heinz, DennisS
    I think it would be REALLY GREAT if you guys would collaborate and put together a course about doing panoramas, with lesson plans that can be printed for continuing reference. I read what you say in these pages and your comments, John, in the PTGui pages and much of what you all offer is, on the one hand understandable but on the other hand seemingly critical points are aften over my head. I think a structured course would make tutorials a lot more usable.
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    The best way to learn is to just go out and make all the mistakes. No better lesson than making a bad mistake.

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