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    My new tripod:

    Manfrotto 058B Triaut (with Gigapan pro and camera):

    my Manfrotto 055XDB (with NN5 and RD16) before the 058 tripod, it is a bit smaller :
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    What problem has been resolved by using a larger tripod? I do not do Gigapixel panos, so I have no idea if the higher vantage point is beneficial. When I do interior panos on my tripod, I set the height so the camera is at the midpoint on the door way. This gives a pano that looks natural with a balance between the ceiling and floor. Any higher and you show too much ceiling. Any lower and you show too much floor. I have the center column all the way down and actually shorten the tripod legs. I have a Manfrotto tripod that is close to the one you show. Did you require a more stable tripod?

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    Hi Dennis,

    This tripod has a load capacity of 12 Kg (24.46 lbs). The Gigapan Epic pro, camera (1D mk3) en lenses (100-400mm and later on also 500mm and 600mm lenses) are heavy (almost 6kg or 13.2277 lb). This tripod i'll use for making gigapixel panos, i'll start using it next year with making one at the top of build (80 meter high). I also want a clear view over the side of this building (almost 1 meters high) and this Manfrotto tripod maximum height is 217,0 cm (85.43in).
    All other panorama's i'll use my "small" Manfrotto.


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