Fanotec is proud to announce the arrival of carrying cases for Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1L and M1S. These hard cases have flexible partitions to protect the individual components from bumping into each other.

The case for M1L can hold 2 MFR-210 long rails and extra accessories such as nadir adapter and QRC-40B. It is even big enough to hold the future M2 model.

The case for M1S is a bit smaller. It can hold M1S or M1L with basic components and a nadir adapter only.

Both cases have an introductory price of $29.95. Recommended retail prices for them are $39.95.
The case will be included in M1L and M1S packages free of charge.
At the same time the camera plate will be an optional item. Customers can buy from our new camera plates or 3rd party Arca Swiss Compatible plates or L-brackets.