I've used the ultimate series for a while and I love it. There is only one feature that I'm missing, as follows:

When doing a single row landscape panorama for a high res wide format picture, say using a 50-85mm prime and do 4 - 6 images I rarely want to have the horizon exactly in the middle.

Today there are three alternatives 1) make panorama with horizon in the middle, and crop afterwards (drawback: losing resolution), 2) use predefined 7.5-degree click-stops (drawback: to coarse, I rarely get horizon where I want it, so I need to crop anyway), 3) loosen and tighten the camera plate in a slightly tilted position (drawback: cumbersome and slight offset of nodal point)

Actually I often do a fourth alternative - make it dual-row to have more to crop from, but the more pictures in the mosaic, the more troublesome it becomes to handle any movement in the scene.

The ideal solution would be if it would be possible to separately without any click stops turn the zero-point of the upper rotator, so I can tilt it slightly upwards or downwards to get the horizon where I want it. It would be useful also for dual-row panoramas, when you then would use 7.5 degree clickstops to move between rows.

What do you think?