I've been using my NN3 for almost 5 years now, improving it with the RD16 rotator. I still do my full spherical panos with my 350D + Canon 10-22, but I would now like to use my 7D, which, of course is to heavy for the NN3.

So here's the question. Do I need an Ultimate Modular Head or would the NN4 be precise enough? I would almost only be using a new NN head for a 7D + 10-22, and maybe get, later, a fisheye (and, who knows, a 5D Mk x). So I'm not someone who will often be changing the settings on the pano head. I would prefer to leave the grip on my 7D, but could this be the only reason to get the Ultimate Head?

I'm sorry if you got similar questions, but I looked through the forum, was a bit lost with all the different threads and didn't find the info I needed (or maybe didn't understand everything). Besides the weight capacity and efficiency for setting modifications, what could decide me to get an Ultimate rather than a NN4?

Thank you!