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  1. D700+Sigma 8/3,5+NN3 mk2


    Hello there,
    does anyone know,exact settings for NN3 CP-1+sigma 8mm/3,5 + nikon D700? I've changed my D300 for D700 and i can't figure out the correct nodal point for this setup!!:(((

    Thank you for any help,
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    Hi Martin,
    And welcome to the forum.

    Check 94 for URS = Upper Rail setting.

    Check 62 for Lower Rail



    I did not test D700 on NN3 MKII. Only on NN5, M1-L. Changing from NN5 to NN3 adds 1mm in LRS. You always have to check settings with your own equipment. Is it NN3 MKII or an older model?

    Regards and sucess,
    feel free to ask,
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    Do you have the links to the standard methods for determining the NPP yourself? Should take only about 5-10 mins max.

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    Hi Heinz!
    Thank you for your help,after i used the settings everything is fine.You hel me very much with my problem! (I have NN3 MKII).

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    Pleasure and have fun with your equipment.


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