Hi, I have just received my Pole Series 2 Complete from nodal ninja store last weekend. On Sunday I did my first pictures. I shoot with the pole in my hands, over the floor. I did auto-bracketing and obviously had to align the images before "enfusing" them. During the day its ok, but I want to shoot at night too, so I need to find a way to stabilize the pole for longer expositions.

To solve that I used:
  • a tripod (dolica pro-line with independent legs)

  • an aluminium piece to adapt the pole rotator to the tripod

  • the pole rotator

  • the pole

  • a pano head I made in aluminium

  • 3 nylon strings tied to the tripod feet

The stabilization "secret" are the strings. It is not easy to tied them, as I can't make strength with much force at once or it will bent, so I had to strength little by little each string.

I would like to exchange experiences and ideas with the group here on solutions to stabilize the poles.

Here is a pic of the mounted thing (click to see it bigger):

Thanks, Cartola.