Trying to buy xCP-1 but sent RP1-14 and getting no response from the online store.
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Thread: Trying to buy xCP-1 but sent RP1-14 and getting no response from the online store.


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  1. Trying to buy xCP-1 but sent RP1-14 and getting no response from the online store.


    I'm going to try one more time to get through to you folks. This is the third try.

    I ordered an xCP-1. You sent me an RP1-14.

    I also asked for a 0.9mm hex key -- you sent me a 1.0mm hex key. Please send me the xCP-1 and I will return the RP1-14.

    Order #804462
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    Hello DemonDuck,

    have you tried the hex key you received? We didn't use 1.0mm hex key. Try other end if one end does not fit.
    It is easy to get my attention with a complaint in our forum. But I don't think it is necessary. You can PM me. You are our old customer and forum member. You know that it is unlikely you will suffer any loss with us.
    With increased number of items, we do make occasional mistake. It will take some time to set up a new system to maintain the efficiency and accuracy we used to have.
    I have made many online purchases and inquiries, I seldom get replies in 24-48 hrs. While we strive to offer best service possible, it is possible that we are occupied by other matters at some point of time. The most important thing is you know you are fully backed up by our distributing team and the manufacturer. Any issue shall be sorted out without any loss on customer. So stay calm, your issue will be fully rectified very soon.

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    Demon Duck,

    We received an email detailing the problem on Sunday Sep 25 and sent you the xCP-1 and another allen key by Priority Mail on Monday Sep 26.
    While we strive to provide the best possible service the occasional error does occur but, when we learn about it we take immediate steps to 'make it right'
    Our apologies for the error and any inconvenience caused.


    Today is worth two tomorrows.
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    I'll go to the Post Office today. The reason I posted was because I had not heard from you. If you had sent me an email on Sunday telling me that you had shipped, I would not have posted here.
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    Sorry, Monday was rather hectic and the email to you got missed.

    For any shipping issues for orders placed on our e-store, including wrong or missing products, please send an email to shipping[at]

    Today is worth two tomorrows.
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    Got the plate. Still no luck with the hex key. Still too big. Did NN ever use lock screws on the index ring smaller than 0.9mm???
  7. Got my 0.9mm hex key today...


    Got the 0.9mm hex key today. It fits. It worked. My index ring was nearly a whole degree off.

    Thanks for all the trouble -- long road home but we finally got there.
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    thanks for the good news :)


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