Hello there,

i know I posted a question about 24-70 settings earlier (http://www.nodalninja.com/forum/show...-d700-afs24-70) and the best - but not perfect - settings so far where those posted by 2BsCalifornian:

"24/155, 28/153, 35/143, 50/134, 70/139 are the correct settings, I think, for the D700 + 24/70mm f/2.8 combo"

i'm assuming the A value is 100mm (as written in the support section for a 14-24 lens)

could anyone using a d700 with nikon grip on it verify them and maybe post something more accurate?

Also - did you try to shoot with a 50mm 1,4 G? I need a a shallow DOF for a shot so this lens and tons of consecutive photos should do the job - the problem is, i'm a having a really hard time trying to figure out all the settings by my own.

Thanks a lot