I received my NN4 last week and started testing it today.

Not easy to line up the camera/vertical/90 deg. The plate is far too big for my 7d, at least by 0.75cm. After 5 minutes, the camera started to "slope down". It's the camera, not the upper arm.

  1. I tried to use the camera landscape with just the lower arm, but I couldn't mount the canon 7d+ 17-55 f/2.8 lens. The lower arm was touching the lens.
  2. The whole "contraption" nn4 + rd16 + camera shakes after using the rotator to the next increment.

I must be doing something wrong. Is there some youtube video that shows how to attach the plate, the camera, the upper/lower arms... (I have seen the assembling the NN3 video) If not can somebody do one?