I just receive my NN4 with the RD16 and now I'm trying to assemble the whole "shebang". No much in the instructions department. I have found:

http://www.nodalninja.com/support/userguides.html and the NN4 section. The complete manual is not that complete and shows the NN3.

The package contained 6 plastic bags without instructions on how to configure...

  1. I need to install the 1/4" screw head. I have found the 3/8" to 1/4" converter. There are 3 rings, 2 tiny thingy and 1 allen key. What are they for?
  2. One package has 3 allen keys with quite a few washers. What's that for?
  3. One package with 2 plates and screws. what for?

I'd like simple instructions:

1. my English is so,so
2. I'm a clutz...

PS: I don't need the 'howto' for the setups, entrance pupil... I'm currently using a Panosaurus.