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Are you taking 2 x Nadir shots? i.e. One straight down over the tripod then a second with the nadir adaptor rotated and the tripod moved to one side? There's a full tutorial in a thread on this forum on how to shoot the nadir using the nadir adaptor.

You MUST have the unit setup incorrectly. Can you post a photo of how you have your unit setup?

Why are you using the ballhead? Take it off and mount the NN3 directly to the top od the tripod. If you need to level the NN3, simply adjust the tripod leg heights.
Did one. Realized I need two. Dumb. Wish I could juz do one. Yah, I think there's a technique somewhere in the internet.

Guess so. The center of the lens should be correct. Just need to find the focal point of the Samyang lens. Too embarrass to post anything yet.

Stupid me. Anyhow, looking into hindenhaag's suggestion too. Plan to get new tripod. Current one is a traveler compact tripod. Wonder if the EZ-Leveler is necessary.

Thanks for the input.