Samyang 7.5mm Micro 4/3 Pano Samples
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  1. Samyang 7.5mm Micro 4/3 Pano Samples

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    We just received our first batch of Samyang 7.5mm lenses so here's a very quick couple of test panoramas for you:

    Both examples shot with an Olympus E-P3 on a Nodal Ninja 3 Pano Head with the T-30 adaptor. I turned off Image Stabilisation and shot at f/11 for both examples. Focus was set to just a tad back from infinity. Stitching in PTGUI Pro 9.1 Beta2 and test web pages also made from PTGUI.

    Shooting sequence was 4 around @ -15 degs plus 1 up @ 90 degs.

    You can download the source files (which include the original images from camera, the stitched equirectangular and the PTGUI project files) here: (76.8 MB) (78.9 MB)

    You can also see photos I took of the camera with both Black and Silver lenses mounted, along with shots of the E-P3 and lens mounted on the Nodal Ninja 3 used to make the panos here:

    (Note: I just spotted something strange on the ceiling of the "reception" shot. Looks like PTGUI has done something odd with the tiles...)
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