I'm a newbie to the NN forums...sorry if this is posted to the wrong area, but hope the experts here can help!

I just got my NN3 MKII a week or so ago. I stumbled upon the "Camera and Lens Settings" page on the NN website and set up my gear (Nikon D300 with an 18-70mm DX lens), everything seemed to be great.

I did several pano shots inside a room in my house. When I stitched 3-4 of individual images together, it looked like I wanted it to. However, when I tried to create a pano out of more than about 4 individual images, I got a weird effect - the horizontal lines (like where the wall meets the ceiling or the floor) had a bowed effect to them. The lines bow "outward" - towards the top of the image for the wall/ceiling line, and towards the bottom for the wall/floor line. I hope this all makes sense...if it helps, I can recreate the images and post examples.

Anyway - I'm totally new to panos, but this isn't the way I expected it to work at all. Do I have incorrect expectations, or am I just doing something wrong in stitching the images together? I'm using Photoshop CS5, I selected the "Auto" option, and took all the defaults.

Thanks in advance for your help!