Need your help in developing custom camera plates
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  1. Need your help in developing custom camera plates

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    I have been working on custom camera plates that feature
    • reproducible mounting

    • strong anti-twisting

    • multi-camera compatibility

    • automatic alignment with quick release clamp and hence lens axis

    I will have one plate for all mid range Canon DSLRS from 20D to 60D, 7D and 5DII and another for the rebel from 300D to 600D. I will have a few for Nikon DSLRs that utilize a anti-twisting flange. To design the plates, I have bought many cameras.

    In order to design camera plates with wide compatibility, I need to know the shape of cameras in the market. To save my cost, I need to get some preliminary data before I get a real camera for measurement and testing. I can then rent a camera or buy a camera and sell it quickly. I can skip some models with similar shape. Your help will reduce my cost and time of camera plate development. I will put higher priorities for models with your input. Because of highly irregular shape of "point & shoot" cameras. I badly need data for them.

    Here is how you can help me.
    You need to have a flatbed scanner. Please send a scan of camera base at 600dpi to
    design.fanotec @ gm ail. co m. Remove spaces in between.

    Here are cameras I already have the data. So no scan is needed.

    5D/ 5DII/ 7D/ 10D/ 20D/ 40D/ 60D
    300D/ 350D/ 450D/ 550D

    S2Pro/ S5Pro


    D70/ D90/ D100/ D200/ D300/ D700/ D7000

    E-1/ E-330/ E-510

    G1H/ GF1/ Lx2

    A900/ Nex 5

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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