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    This panohead looks really nice, but it looks its hard to get one.
    I have ordered and immediately paid with paypal on 15th August (in that time it was still available).
    After few days and few emails with no answer Rob emailed me the package is shipping today (19th) and it will be at my friend in Wisconsin by Aug 25th (he will next day take the panohead with him to Europe).
    On Thursday 24th it was still not delivered so i ask for tracking number and Rob told me they didnt send it!!
    I understand that there are some problems in commutication whats on warehouse,
    but dont understand why he told me they have shipped the package when they DIDNT....

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    Hi Rado,

    For follow-up questions it's best to send your questions at cs at nodalninja dot com so it can be handled quickly.


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    Hi Vazel,

    sorry to hear about what happened. But thx to let us know. I am sure Bill will read this and will have an eye on it for the future. I hope he can help you away from this problem. Specially when your friend should have taken it to europe.

    When something goes wrong it specially goes wrong in situations like this one. Good luck,

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    Hi Vazel

    Please accept our apologies for the problem with shipping your order and rest assured we are doing everything possible to get your order

    I have sent you an email with a solution that will get your order to you without delay.
    Despite our best efforts the occasional mistake does happen but we spare no effort to make it right.

    Once again our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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    Thanx to all for replys.
    I was little bit frustrated and disappointed with this,
    but Rob offers me now other possibilites how to fix it.

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    my experience with NN is that if something goes wrong, they will solve the problem when you let them know.

    Once you have your equipment at home, you can ask and I will help you with your settings, for the best Nikon.

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    Hi Heinz,
    thank you for support, but im using Canon.
    The head arrived yesterday, after few hours testing i have finished with this settings:
    Canon 5DmkII + Sigma 15mm + NN4 with nadir adapter
    Bottom rail 56 mm, upper rail 79,5 mm.

    NN4 is much stronger than my older panohead and also very precise.
    Im happy with this.


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