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  1. Fanotec Tripod Adapter for Poles is Now Shipping

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    Fanotec Pole 1 and 2, together with pole rotators and footplate have been great successes. User feedbacks for these systems have been very positive. Our community good friend, Wim Koornneef, an expert in panoramic pole photography, has shared with us images made with Pole Series 1 and 2.
    Wim also shares sample scenarios and workflows for use of each series of poles (1&2) and displays them at various extensions. His works demonstrate that our pole systems are just what one needs for a portable and easy to use setup in typical outdoor situations during the day.

    However, in low light or windy situations, a rigid support base is a must. It is of great help for making HDRs. It helps to remove lots of anxiety for new players in pole photography.
    Now, I am glad to announce that the wait is finally over. Moreover, we have used the extra time to refine the original design. The tripod adapter now has a rotation lock and big knobs for easy and secure installation on a tripod.

    The tripod adapter works for tripods with a 3/8” male thread on top and a 3/8”male / female thread at the bottom of center column. Rigid center column is essential because a long pole can amplify torque exerted on center column by as much as 15 times. The tripod adapter requires the use of our advanced rotator or pole rotator. It is works for Pole 2, and Pole 1 by using a step-down ring which is under production.

    As an apology for the delayed release of the tripod adapter, we now offer the Level for Pole 2 free of charge for any purchase of the tripod adapter before 30th September, 2011. The level is also available separately for $24.95 each.

    Tripod Adapter is available in the store for $49.95 each.

    Over the past months, we have introduced more products than we did in the past years. Our small factory has been running in full capacity. It has been a great challenge in making tens of new parts while continuing to develop many eagerly awaited new products. I would like to express my appreciation for early supporters and those who patiently waited for our new products. We are developing easy to use guy wire system to further enhance the stability of the pole and to act as a safety device for horizontal application of pole.

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