Hey there guys, glad to be part of these forums as I'm aiming to start a career in 360 degree virtual tours.

I am aware of the tools that I need to do this but the only thing I seem to be missing is the pano head. Because there are so many different types out there, I was wondering if maybe someone on these forums can help me pick my purchase based on what gear I already have.

Currently I have:

Canon 550d (t2i)
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 Lens
A Tripod
Bubble Level
Flash Units

I'm currently looking at the Nodal Ninja range as it seems this would be the best to suit my budget. I've noticed that there are the starter packs and then there are the packs with a different revolver. Can someone explain what these additions do opposed to the standard starter pack?

Also, with my tokina lens not being a fisheye and being quite large, is there a certain pano head I need to get to help with the weight/size?

Thanks for the help guys and I really look forward to showing you some of my panos.