The nadir adapter is a highly effective solution to the problem of taking a clear shot of the area directly below the camera that is naturally obstructed by the panorama head and tripod. The vertical arm of the head is mounted on the adapter, which then enables the arm to be rapidly flipped round through 180 degrees such that the camera can point directly down, overhanging one side of the tripod. The tripod is then shifted sideways by just the right amount for the camera to resume its original viewpoint. A clean shot of the nadir area can then be taken with ease, even in low light situations needing long exposures and when there's also a requirement to take bracketed shots that align accurately. This greatly helps in the stitching process.

An additional benefit of the adapter is that the increased height of the vertical rail then gives extra clearance for taking the zenith (up) shot with longer lenses.

Built with the structure of a rotator with fully lubricated bearings, it is sturdy as rock. It is compact and acts as an integrated part of the modular system.

A similar device for the NN5 has already proved to be highly popular. This new version for the modular system will surely be welcomed as a must have accessory for anyone needing to shoot unobstructed down shots, especially for HDR work.

The nadir adapter will have a regular retail price of $89.95. It will be available in a package with a discounted price of $50.

As a reward of early support, all customers buying Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1 Pre-production units PRIOR to September 2011 will get a nadir adapter FREE OF CHARGE if they decide NOT to upgrade to the final production units.

Limited quantity of nadir adapters are available. They are reserved for prior customers, served according to the date of purchase of M1 package. Customers who decide not to upgrade to the final production units should contact their reseller to reserve one unit for themselves.

For info on the differences between the pre-production and final version, please read here