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    Hi guys,

    testing settings for NN equipment I have just turned to the new Beta version of PTGui.

    Besides new features like the "grid" to align blue skies without CP to be ready to stitch, there a special changes to improve our pano work.

    Using fisheye lenses, you had to change "minimize lens distortion" by clicking "heavy and lens shift" in optimizer. Now this is set by default. Less work. Thx Joost!

    For me the most important change:

    besides "align to Grid" for blue skies or gigapixel panos this is the improvement of the automatic control point generator for fisheye images: "will find more control points which are better spread out over the entire overlap area". This is true!!

    I used the new beta version to find LRS on different NN Panoheads with different Nikon Bodies. I compared the Cp in the control point tab in the old version of PTGui to the new one. They are really spread in a better way. In vertical and horizontal. Less bulks.

    Using Smooth's Circle Saw Method to find the LRS, I imported the pics to PTGui, aligned, >advanced, >optimizer, >heavy and lens shift - not necessary in the new version, optimized, >Control point in top tab, >Delete worst control points, and it says 5...6...4...8 to delete to get a max distance >2.

    Since I use the beta version, I still try "delete worst CP", "nothing to delete", results are below max distance of 2.

    Besides several other new functions for me this the next big step in PTGui since the masking function.

    Thx a lot Joost.

    This is why I stay with NN Products and PTGuiPro and I am very happy with this:
    Joost, Nick and Bill listen to their customers and they are always ready for a "surprise".

    Thx a lot to you guys.

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