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    Hi Bill

    I currently use NN5L with 5Dmk II. Considering R1, but I would like to see R1/R10 in action. Besides how to shoot with R1/R10, I would like to see how people are shooting/patching nadir. I would also like to know how are you controlling the camera, when it is on a long pole i.e, framing & exposure.

    Strangely, there are no tutorials on youtube! Can you guys post some? Thanks

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    Although not a video, here is my monopod technique. I shoot 4 around at 5 degree up tilt and 1 hand held Nadir shot (two if I am dealing with my shadow).

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    Thanks DennisS for the link.

    Any body has any info on how to control/expose camera on a long pole?


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