Nadir, Nadir Adaqptor & the D3
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  1. Nadir, Nadir Adaqptor & the D3

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    Hi all
    I'm relatively new at 360-180...
    Question - Using my D300 and Nikon's 10.5 Fisheye I have been shooting the Nadir as the first shot, have been shooting at a 30 degree elevation and not shooting a Zenith. Is the technique Good, Bad or immaterial? I'm using PTGui Pro...

    Nadir Adaptor and the D3: Have been shooting with my D300 which looks like it may need repairs. I have the NN5, the R-D16 using Manfroto's 055MF4 tripod with their adjustable head center pole and Nodal Ninja's leveler. Has anyone any experience using the D3 or similar wight with the Nadir Adaptor? Any problems I should be aware of?

    Greatly appreciate your comments and advice - Thanks

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