Actually, I have a ton of questions. But after watching the two very good videos below, my questions went down to a few.

My equipment, a Panasonic GH1 and probably with the 8mm fisheye lens. Might go for the 7-14mm.

After much reading, I can't convince myself to buy the R1. It seems much harder to shoot the nadir and zenith shots. Correct?

The videos featuring the NN3 MKII Starter Package. Correct? With the starter package, do I need to get additional detent rings for 45º (8 shots) and 60º (6 shots) horizontal rotation? What about 90º (4 shots)? Unlikely my equipment setup will permit 4 shots. But I like to know.

Why should I get the NN3 MKII RD8 or RD16? Starter Package will give me bigger nadir footprint? With 6 shots, will the nadir footprint be the same when using either RD8 or RD16. Apart from more stops, what more can RD16 gives?

Curious on RD8 or RD16 feature > "Great in windy locations." What's that? Starter kit not good in windy location?

If I purchase the RD8, is it possible to upgrade to RD16 in terms of parts?

BTW, I'm a newbie on all these.