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    hello, i'm new to the forum and finally i'm in the possession of a Nodal Ninja M1-L with RD16. After weeks and weeks it finally arrived. Very heavy (so less travel gear, as i hoped) but with a tremendous quality feel. I holds my D3 with 14-24mm really well. Only left nowto buy is the M1 nadir adapter. Because indeed a zenith is impossible with a 14-24mm on this rig, without the M1 nadir.

    It's July. The month the M1 nadir would be available. Any news on this please, Nick?

    Than i have another problem. A luxury problem. I wanted the Unlitmate M1-L that badly and waited alreay on a company for serveral weeks, that i ordered a second one elsewhere. Both M1-L;s came in the same week. So i have two now.

    One Nodal Ninja Ulitmate M1-L panorama 360 tripod head is still sealed in its original packaging, unopened and of course brand new with 1 year warrenty till june 2013.

    The set contains: (this is a completeM1-L tripod head with rotator)
    1x RD16 Rotator
    1x MFR-210, 210mm Multifunctional Rail with Bubble Level + Misc parts
    1x QRC-65, 65mm Arca Stlye Quick Release Clamp
    1x MFVR-170C, 170mm Vertical Rail
    1x M1 7.5 Degree Upper Rotator
    1x QRC-55, 55mm Arca Stlye Quick Release Clamp
    1x MFR-170, 170mm Multifunctional Rail with Bubble Level + Misc parts
    1x QRC-40A, 40mm Arca Style Quick Release Clamp
    1x Camera Plate U1


    You can pick it up in Antwerpen, Belgium. Shipping world wide as well, but i prefer shipment within europe. Becasue of the weight of this quality item, shipping will not be very cheap.

    For sale at my private ebay account: bit.ly/jQEAbV
    ebay object number: 120744575583

    I hope i'm not offending anyone, because i use this board as a selling place. I'm not a professional seller or official vendor. Just a guy who ordered two NN M1-L's and wants to sell one. Only one will be sold. It's in stock and ready for shipment immidiately.

    Please note that this is the Nodal Ninja M1-L with RD16 rotator. Which usually sells for 695 britisch pounds in the UK. Or a famous shop here in belgium and the Netherlands (fotokonijnenberg) is selling this combo for 719 euro. Any cheaper and it's the NN M1-L without a rotator. Watch out for this on the websites of sellers.

    On ebay start bidding from 489euro. Highest bidder wins. Hopefully i can make some one else as happy as me with this fantastic piece of gear without having the pain of waiting weeks and weeks for delivery.
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