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    Hello everyone... We are now trying to get into 3D object VRs... The Nodal Ninja shop has a disc with covers but nothing much else.. but no one else has much ether.. We have ordered it so now we can try it out....

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on equipment to capture 3D objects... We have our own ideas on this which involves an arched rail that clamps on two of the tripod legs where the camera can move along the arched rail up and over the object so moves up and down to take multiple X value of images where the rotating table mounted to the Rotor would allow the images to be taken in the Z value when rotated... The Y would be the focus... There are mechanical products for this but oh man... $20K is just too much.... so we were thinking of more of a manual version of this... Take note of the arched rail which is what I am suggesting is clamped to the tripod in a T section... so nothing moves accept for the disc with the object on it thereby reducing any image movement since all components are attached to each other..... At the moment I have put the Object on the disc which is attached a tripod and then a second tripod for the camera... This leave a real risk of image bounce on rotation... If it were to be fixed to the same tripod as the Rotor then this bounce would be almost eliminated.....


    Just wondering....
    Would any of you be interesting if Nodal Ninja provided an affordable tool to capture images for 3D VR moves... ??? Anyone with Object2VR will understand more on the column and rows property of this software.... Ultimately, we would like to capture 3D Car VRs... not just inside car VR... We have ideas for this too...

    Destiny... Nodal Ninja No. !...

    PS... check out the Bug... http://ortery.com/products/TruView3D...ight-Flash.php
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