Spirit level for the poles.
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  1. Spirit level for the poles.


    Hi, it seems that there is no yet available, still I had impression that I saw it somewhere.
    Those who take many pole panos, toward journalistic VRs, know that along with the help in keeping the pole leveled it is also the, say , "nose" of the pole (preffer that part), mean shows you where the camera is pointed to, you can use also the lock knob of the RD4, but with the new mini rotators is no such reference, sticking labels aslo helps but again a spirit level helps very much, sometimes at concerts you had no much light down, and you can feel the spirit level, so not need to either look down nor up just look to action, you feel the orientation.

    That was kind of "up" for that useful acessory which seems to lack of, for now.

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