I have been looking for a alternative for the set screw of the RD16 for quite some time. In my line of photography, I need to fix the RD16 for every tile I take, otherwise I get blurry results and/or the exposure brackets don't line up naturally (night, long exposure brackets), and I need to do this while the setup is almost out of reach, in the dark, in the cold, without affecting/bumping/moving the pano setup. The standard screw is small, difficult to grab (especially with gloves in the cold), and kinda painful after 200 sets:


Fortunately, Nodal Ninja has a nice turning handle for their rotators, unfortunately it is to be used only as a handle, not as a set screw, hence the thread is about 0.5mm too short, compared to the original set screw:

But a small mod (via drill press filing, or if you have with a lathe), lets you extend the screw easily by 0.5mm:

Unfortunately, the handle is made of anodized aluminium, and doesn't offer much girth or grip, it feels as if it's made for smaller hands. But that can easily be fixed with plastidip (about 4-5 coatings):

Now the handle can be used with 2 fingers, with good grip, and no frostbite, just perfect:

My suggestion for Nick would be:
Make the thread 0.5mm longer by default, and simply add a 1mm nylon washer when the user want's to use it as a handle, and the silicon rubber ring to use it as a set screw.
Add curling or a plastic cover to give it more grip.