Sample of panos from 1.5 to 5.5 m height

Low Resolution - recommended

High resolution, warning, large files!

The height is accurate as I used a device adapted to the pole to measure the
exact height, as a matter of fact I also did panos at each 20 cm appart in
height for other purposes but the difference are to small to worth posting
here, instead I selected this set at 0.5 m appart which can give you an idea
about your needs for heights in your panos, also them are available as 3D as
well (red-cyan anaglyph, kindly click on little glasses for 3Ds) if you want to
study the 3D and height combined.

I used a twin combo: Canon 350D+Sigma 8mm 3.5, on a Fanotec series 2 complete
pole, the non-anaglyph (regular) panos are from right camera.