Finally we are proud to offer a new rental program.

We streamlined the program, no weekly or monthly rates only one low daily rate, and no late return fees. All rentals are products straight off the shelf - NEW and UNUSED. Keep it 1 day or 20 days - one daily rate. And the rental will never exceed the cost of the item. If the rental rate reaches the retail price of the item it's yours - just keep it. Charges incur the day after you receive your rental and ends the day prior to your sending it back.
Here are the current rates (subject to change):
NN3 pkg - $5 per day
NN3 w/RD8 - $7 per day
NN3 MKII RD3L 6-8-30 Rotator EZ Leveler II - $7.75 per day
NN4 with RD16 - $10 per day
NN5x RD16 - $8 per day
Ultimate M1-L wRD16 Pre-Production - $25 (coming soon)
Ultimate R1 - $11 per day
Fanotec Pole Series 1 - $11.50 per day
Pole Series 2 Complete - $28 per day
EZ-Leveler-II - $3.00 per day

Since we only ship out new items this is a great way to try before you buy. In fact if you want to compare products rent two. In time we will be adding other products including accessories. The program is also open to international customers as well (back and forth shipping, VAT, etc. renters responsibility). I'll be honest in saying it may not be attractive for our international customers due to these added costs.
We do reserve the right to review and accept rental orders prior to releasing them.
To visit our rental store go to